As natural as wood, as easy-going as a design floor

Avatara combines the naturalness of a real wood floor with the practical characteristics of a next-generation design floor.

It looks incredibly real and is hardly distinguishable from wood. What you see and what you feel is conveyed to you holistically: this floor is on a par with nature. This made possible by our D.O.T., our digital surfaces technology, that creates the authentic appearance with realistic structures.

Natural on the outside and smart on the inside: Avatara consists of the material Talcusan©, which is 100% free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers. Good for low emissions and sustainable living.

Avatara offers you all of the advantages of a design floor and goes a step further with its MultiSense surface: it is extremely robust, highly scratch-resistant and easy to care for. Our Avatara takes practically every daily stress calmly in its stride, so you can stay equally relaxed.